I bought 6 dining chairs from Ashley Homestore. When I decided to go with a larger dining room table, I went back to Ashley for 2 more chairs only to find my chairs had been discontinued! I was desperate to find these chairs. By chance, I stumbled upon 1stopbedroom while doing a google search. I called and immediately got someone to help me. He was very pleasant. He informed me there were only 2 sets of chairs left, and if I wanted them I'd need to act fast and waive my free cancellation within 24 hours. I jumped on it and ordered one of the remaining sets with the rep. After I ordered with the pleasant man (I wish I remembered his name), I started to read reviews for 1stopbedroom and I became very very nervous. I found some good reviews, but also some pretty terrible ones! My heart sank, and I just resolved to believing it was too good to be true and not only would I not get my chairs for several months if at all, but I was probably out of about $350. Well, to my surprise, my chairs arrived 8 days after I initially called 1stopbedroom!! They came in perfect condition! (The box was beat up but the chairs were perfect). They are the exact match to the 6 I already had! They were also extremely easy to assemble-just had to put the legs on. I was so stunned at how easy of a process it was, especially after reading some other people's experiences with lost packages, waiting for months for their orders, and not being able to get customer service on the phone. I don't know if it was a fluke, but I had an excellent experience!